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How to Connect Android Studio and BlueStacks on Windows


Android Virtual Device (AVD) is the native option in Android Studio for emulating projects. Most developers prefer this option or chose to run their projects directly on a smartphone connected to the computer. Despite being a complete set of tools, Android Studio takes its time when you launch AVD and don’t even get me started with the amount of RAM it consumes. The lag is manageable when running on a 8 Gb RAM system but for 4 Gb Ram computers the constant hanging of the system is inevitable when emulating with AVD.

Regardless of what the majority of devs use, a better emulating alternative is surfacing. Bluestacks is a user-friendly Android emulator that allows you to run android applications in a computer. As opposed to AVD, Bluestacks manages RAM memory much more efficient and emulates way faster. I’m sure you will find it to your liking and even if you don’t end up using it constantly, it will prove a reliable alternative when AVD fails you. Below are some simple steps on connecting Android Studio to Bluestacks with the purpose of running your android projects.

Connecting Android Studio & Bluestacks

1. First things first, if you don’t have Bluestacks installed, Download & Install from this link.

Note: Make sure you install the latest version of Bluestacks, previous versions might not work with this method.

2. Launch Bluestacks and leave it running in the background for now.


3. Start Android Studio and open the project you want to emulate.


4. Once the project is loaded, click on the Run button located somewhere in the top of the window.


5. A new window will now pop up and should automatically detect your Bluestacks emulator.


6. Select the unknown emulator and click OK. Now bring up from the background and see your emulated project in Bluestacks.


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