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How to Build a Simple DatePicker in Android Studio



This post will cover how to create a date picker that will let you pick the day, month, and year with a button click. I will provide commentary inside the java code so that you understand how we achieved the end result. This simple code has endless applicability and you can use it on a wide variety of projects. Let’s dig in!

1. Open a New Android Studio Project and name it.


2. Leave the default minimum SDK and proceed further.


3. Select Empty Activity and click on Next.


4. Leave the default Activity Name and make sure you tick Generate Layout File and click finish to generate your new project.


5. Now we will create a button that will be used to bring up the calendar. We will also create one Textview that will say Selected Date and one TextView that will serve as an output and will display our selected date. Open activity_main.xml and insert the following code:

Note: You can use the Design mode to achieve the same result. Do it if you want to get more practice.

6. Open MainActivity.java and insert the following code:

7. If done correctly, it should display like this:



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