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Backup Your SMS and Call Logs using SMSBackup+



This post is about backing up call logs and SMS from your Android device using SMSBackup+ app. The build-in settings of Android don’t feature a standard backup method, so we’ll use a workaround to that task. SMSBackup+ will store all text messages and call logs in your Gmail account.

How To Backup Your SMS and Call Logs from Your Android

1. Install SmsBackup+ from Google Play Store.


2. Open SmsBackup+ and select Connect.


3. Select the email you want to sync with SMS Backup+ then hit Allow access.


4. Hit on Backup and grab a beer, it can take a few hours to complete, depending on the amount of messages you have stored on your phone.


5. Log in into you Gmail account and open the settings tab from here.


6. Select Show all labels and scroll down until you find backed up messages and calls.


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