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How to Backup All Your Google Account Data


A Google account usually hold a huge amount of information. Whether you want to save and store all your data in a safe place, or you want to recover that information prior to deleting your Google Account, we got you covered.

Of course, you could sign in to all the services associated with that account and download the information manually, but that takes a lot of time. Fortunately, Google provides a simple way to backup all your data associated with a Google Account.

Follow our guide down below to backup all the information from a Google account.

How to Backup All Your Data from a Google Account

1. Sign in with your Google account and go to MyAccount Settings.

Google MyAccount Settings


2. Under Personal info & privacy tab, click on Control your content.


3. Under Download your data, click on Create Archive.


4. You will see a list with all the Google products associated with that account. Toggle all the products that you want to save information from. Hit Next once you’re done.


5. Choose the File type and Delivery method. Hit Create Archive once you have decided.


6. Wait until the archive is being prepared. It can take from several hours to days.


7. Once the archive reaches your email or Dropbox, you can download it as a whole.

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