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Speed Up Genymotion by Allocating More RAM



For the most part, Genymotion handles its ends very well and is without question the fastest android emulator out there. But what happens when you need even more speed with your apps? Well, one way to do it is by allocating more RAM and processing power to your virtual device. It will get rid of the lag and contribute to a smoother overall experience in Genymotion. See how it’s done below.

How to Allocate More RAM in Genymotion

1. Open Genymotion and decide which virtual device you want to boost up.

2. Once you have decided, right-click on the virtual device and hit Settings.


3. For now, we are only interested in what under the System tab. We can’t tell you fixed numbers to insert because it varies from computer to computer.


4. What we can do instead, is tell you our settings and system specifications so you can adapt them to your system. We conducted a series of tests on a system with an Intel i7 processor with 8gb of RAM.

We achieved the best framerate when we allocated 4 processors and 4 GB of RAM to Genymotion.


5. As a guideline, you don’t want to hand out all your system resources to Genymotion, as it will make your PC unstable and laggy. Instead, try to find the right balance and experiment with different settings until you get the best result.

We managed to run some of the latest games with over 30 FPS and it worked well.



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