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How to Hide WhatsApp Photos from Gallery


Do you have this type of friend that’s always gonna find  an excuse to get his hands on your phone, only to swipe away any personal photos that you have left? I do, and I let the guy run amok before I decided to take action. I initially tried to lock the entire WhatsApp with AppLock, unfortunately, my photos still appeared inside my gallery. You can try to lock the folder from inside the gallery, but that might rattle his curiosity even more. Lucky for me, I found this simple trick that will safely hide WhatsApp media from unwanted eyes.

Hiding WhatsApp Photos from Gallery in Android

1. You’ll need some sort of file manager to access the WhatsApp Image directory on your SD card. For the purpose of this tutorial, I used File Manager HD. It works with any file manager out there, as long as it’s able to rename folders, that’s all you need to do.

2. Once your file manager is ready, open & select your SD card.


3. Go to WhatsApp Media  and you should see the WhatsApp Images folder.

WhatsApp foldermediawhatsapp images

4. Touch & Hold on the WhatsApp Images folder until it gets selected. Open the More tab and select Rename.


5. Rename the folder as “.WhatsApp Images”. Just add a period before the first letter. Similarly to Linux Kernel, the grandfather of Android, when you add a period before any folder name it automatically hides it.


6. Now take a look at your gallery and see if the folder has disappeared. From my experience, it can take a while for the gallery to refresh, give it a few minutes. You can speed things up by clearing the cache (Settings>Storage>Apps>Gallery>Clear Cache)

clear cache

7. If, for some reason, you want the pictures to reappear in your gallery, just remove the period that we previously inserted. Keep in mind that you can do this trick with videos also, just rename the WhatsApp Video folder.


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