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7 Hidden Features of Facebook Messenger



Facebook Messenger is preparing to hit 1 billion monthly active users. If you’ve missed the keyword word “active”, you’re now realizing Messenger’s user pool is huge by any standards.

Even though Messenger reached an incredible level of notoriety, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. From the look of things, Messenger is shaping up to become an all-in-one communication platform. In the last year or so, Facebook has added a lot of cool functionalities to Messenger client, with somewhat unexpected good results. On top of that, it is rumored that Facebook’s developing team is busy working on some kind of mobile payment method for retail stores (which sounds awesome by the way).

All these add-ons and improvements skyrocketed Facebook’s Messenger from the most hated chatting client to one of the most versatile and appreciated messaging apps in the world. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some cool features that remain unknown for the majority of Messenger users.

1. Express Yourself with GIFs

GIFs are a great way to brighten up your conversation. Here’s a quick way on how to install and use them in Facebook Messenger.

1. Tap on the Menu button and install a GIF app. GIPHY and GIF Keyboard are the most popular options.

add gifs to messenger

13563609_639936176171901_390513533_n (1)

2. Select the newly appeared GIF icon and search for a topic.


send gif

3. Enjoy using GIFs in Messenger.

funny gif

2. Customize Your Message Threads

You can change the way your Messenger conversation looks like by hitting the information box. The information menu will enable you to change colors, add nicknames and replace the default thumbs up emoji.

information box

settings messenger

3. Send Your Location

As a direct response to Apple Maps pins, you can now send your current location or any other in Messenger’s chat. To do that, tap the More icon, select your Location from the list or search for a custom one. Once you’ve done that hit the send button.

add gifs to messenger


4. Play Chess

It turns out you can even play chess with your friends on Messenger. You can initiate a game with this hidden command by typing @fbchess play. The hard thing is you’ll have to manually type each move, so it’s a very tedious way to play online chess. But you never knew, you might end up enjoying it.

You can play chess on iOS and Android, and on any desktop platform.

 chess game

5. Play Football

Football is a sport loved by most, so in the hype of EURO 2016 Facebook released a cool mini-game that you can play with your friends and compete for the highest score. Initiate the game by sending to your buddy a football emoji.

Tap on the emoji to start the game. May the better one win!

football game messengerhigh score messenger

6. Play Basketball

Basketball is played exactly the same as football and just as addictive as the previous one. Insert a basketball emoji and tap on it. Every time your friend beats your high score you will be notified by chat. Annoying isn’t it?

basketball facebookbasketball high score facebook

7. Get a DailyCute Fact

You can type @dailycute in chat and receive a popular cute pic from Imgur along with a touching description. Some of them are more sad than cute. 🙂


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