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7 GPS-Maps Apps that Work Without Internet



Maps are a great thing to have on your mobile device. Not only they are a huge help for tourists visiting a place completely new to them, but they also help us get by locally when having an errand to run.

Regardless of how you use your map apps, one thing is for certain. Most of them rely heavily on your connection and bandwidth.

This becomes a huge problem when you are on a trip and have a low-cost mobile data plan. Using roaming internet will certainly leave you with a phone bill you will never forget.

To avoid this kind of problems, it’s recommended to use map apps that function even without internet connection. We created a handy list with the best apps that have offline functionality.

Google Maps


Being the most popular GPS/Maps app on this planet, it was the logical first pick. Google Maps has some offline functionality and even offline navigation after the 9.17 update.

Google Maps gives you the possibility to download a map from an area and use it to navigate without WiFi or mobile data connections.

Download from Google Play



OsmAnd is an open-source navigation app that uses the free, high-quality OSM data. It uses a 2d interface and is one of the best free options available in Play Store.

OsmAnd’s offline mode is great – it’s reliable, works without any problems regardless of your device and will get you off roaming charges when you’re traveling abroad.

Download from Play Store



Maps.Me will get you instant access to a detailed selection of maps from all over the world. The best part is it is designed to work without an internet connection whatsoever.

Aside from walking directions, routing, and speed, Maps.me has a great map editor that will allow you to make changes and edit the already present maps however you like.

Download from Play Store



Overall, HereWeGo Maps is probably the best free option out there. It has maps in over 200 countries, with turn-by-turn navigation in more than 130.

Online mode works great, although turn-by-turn navigation is not available. Additional features include point of interests, alternate routes, traffic and speed limits.

Download from Play Store



MapFactor Navigator is a free turn-by-turn nav app for Android. It uses postcodes and free GPS maps from OSM (OpenStreetMaps).

The maps will be installed on your SD card, so you don’t need an internet connection when traveling.

Although the maps and features are pretty basic, the app is fairly decent. If the standard maps are not doing the job, you have the option of buying TomTom maps via the in-app purchase tab.

Download from Play Store



Navmii is a free navigation and traffic app perfect for drivers. Navmii has voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, and driver scores.

Navmii has maps for more than 150 countries and the GPS works without an internet connection. A cool feature about Navmii is that the address searching feature also works in offline mode.

Download from Play Store

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps


Although it’s much more simple than OSMand, City Maps 2Go has a great offline version.

As a counter argument – buildings are poorly outlined and street numbers are hard to see because of the poorly implemented zoom feature.

Even with these minor inconvenience, City Maps 2Go remains a great tool when used in offline navigation mode.

Download from Play Store
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