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5 Google Play Store Alternatives



Android has gotten to where it is because of the amount of content that was created over the years. You are able to choose between millions of apps and games. When it comes to the store that people download from, the vast majority of users never think to look beyond Google Play. With the market’s huge expansion, we think checking out what other app stores have to offer may be worth your while. In this post, we’re going to showcase 5 worthy Google Play alternatives.

Don’t try searching for these stores inside Play Store. Google doesn’t allow other app stores to be downloaded from their platform. Leave it to us, we’re going to provide you with all the information you need, including download links.

Amazon Underground

Formerly know as Amazon Play Store, this place has a really nice way to download apps for your Android Device. The majority of apps found in Google Play Store can be also found here. The really cool part about Amazon Underground is that they are regularly giving away paid apps for free! Goat Simulator, Shadow Gun and Grim Legends are just a few examples of games that are currently free on Amazon Underground in comparison to Google Play Store. They are also giving away free app purchases and the list gets updated every week, so be sure to check them out. The way this works is, Amazon pays the developer when you download his product, making it free for you. We’ll see if this business model turns out to be successful, but for the time being, we strongly advise you to get check out their weekly deals.

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Aptoide Market

Aside from the orange tint, Aptoide has a very similar interface to Google Play Store. Other than this, Aptoide has a repository system from where you can grab new apps and games on a daily basis. The good thing is they have some exclusive apps that aren’t available on any other similar market, like Tube M or Lucky Patcher. Unlike in Google Play where the store manages your installation, here you download the .apk file. That means you can uninstall and reinstall without having to re-download the whole apk from the store.

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SlideMe Market

SlideMe Market is the most polished Android App Store from this list. It’s the easiest store to find your way around and features both free and paid apps. The categories are very well organised, making it possible for you to find your desired apps in the shortest time. The best feature about SlideMe Market is that they have a reward system that pays you every time you share an app with your friends.

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f-Droid provides a fresh way to get app content for your Android device. It features a great list of productive and free apps. Other than a description, the apps don’t have any rating to them. The good part about this system is that every app you find here is not only free but also open source. The number of apps is slim compared to the other stores, but the long list of useful and most importantly ad-free apps more than makes up for this shortcoming.

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9 Apps Market

9 Apps is the lightest and most diverse store we’ve featured so far. The interface is not as clean as Slide Me, but the mix of popular and home-brew apps is more than worth it. The awesome thing is, 9 Apps Market organises itself according to the user’s country, offering a selection of apps you won’t find elsewhere. You can think of 9Apps as more of a media hub than a play store, featuring a wallpaper section, ringtone collection, a video portal and many more. It basically provides content for every phone functionality you can think about.

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