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Get Rid of Distractions on Work Hours with AppBlock



AppBlock is a free Android app with a great degree of utility. It works by temporary blocking programs that have the potential to distract you, like Facebook, Instagram or Twiter. This can help you be more productive in your working hours or stop you from being a jackass when you spend time with your family or friends.

Setting yourself restrictions with AppBlock is extremely easy. The idea behind this program is to create a window of time throughout a day in which a particular set of apps are blocked.

If you try to access one of the apps in that time period a message will appear, telling you the software is blocked. Turning AppBlock off is just as easy, but at least, you will end feeling guilty about it.

We’ve included a quick guide on configuring AppBlock below.

How to Stay Productive using AppBlock

1. Download & Install AppBlock from Google Play Store.

Download AppBlock


2. Start the app and enable notification access.


4. Go to Settings > Accessibility and turn AppBlock ON.


5. Touch the action button and name your profile.


6. Set-up the schedule by selecting your working days.


7. Select Add and define your work interval.


8. Decide if you want to block notifications or just application launch.


9. Select Add and tick the apps you want to be blocked.


10. Be productive with your work!


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