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Generate App Icons with Image Asset Studio



Android Studio is without question the best IDE for developers working exclusively on Android projects. Features like auto code completion or its versatile emulator make up for a great platform for Android development. But it isn’t just that, Android Studio does a lot more.

Such is the case with Image Asset Studio, a built-in Android Studio tool that will help you generate custom icons for your apps based on an existing image, text-string or clipart.

The good part is the newly generated icons will be placed in their specific folders (mipmap-mdpi or drawable-xxxhdpi) inside the res folder. This way you don’t run the risk of inserting the appropriate resources based on the screen density folders.

Android Studio’s Image Asset Studio can generate the following asset types for you:

  • Launcher icon
  • Notification icon
  • Action bar icon
  • Tab icons

Below there’s a handy guide on how to use Image Asset Studio to generate assets inside Android Studio.

How to Use Image Asset Studio to Generate App Icons

1. Open Android Studio and launch your app project.

2. Click on the project window and make sure you select Android from the list.


3. Right-click on res and click on New>Image Asset.


4. Once you got Image Asset Studio opened, go ahead and select the type of icon you want to generate.


5. Select the resource from where you want to generate your app icon. By far the most common used one is from an image resource.


6. Select the path for the image resource.


7. Check how your icons are displaying in each size and hit Next if you’re okay with it.


Note: Keep in mind that these new icons will override your old ones.

8. You’ll get a list with all the icons that will be overridden. Hit Finish to create your new app icons.


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