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How to Fix Errors and Malware Using Safe Mode on Android



If you’re getting all sorts of errors, crashes or random freezes on your Android device, chances are you are dealing with a malware. Normally you would think about factory resetting your phone, but what if we told you there’s a better way to deal with this kind of problem? Entering into the device’s safe mode and fixing the issues manually is a far better method to deal with software problems than formatting your phone. Here’s how it’s done:

Fixing Errors and Malware on Android

1. Press your Android Power button and the carefully long-press on the Power OFF button until the new window appears.


2. Confirm you want to reboot into safe mode and wait for the restart to complete.


3. Notice how a watermark has appeared at the bottom of the screen letting you know Android is running on Safe Mode. Also, all your 3rd party app are grayed out, which will help you figure out if it’s a problem with your OS or with one of the apps you installed.










4. If you don’t get that error in safe mode, chances are there was a problem with an app you recently installed.

5. Systematically uninstall the apps you suspect might be the culprit until you see the problem going away.


6. Another common problem users face is the inability to uninstall an app because is running in the background (this is 90% of the time a virus). Safe mode solves this issue by shutting down all user apps so you can uninstall safely.


7. To exit safe mode simply reboot your device and you’re good to go.


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