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Filter Android Apps on Google Play by Permissions



It’s a known fact that some Android apps require access to some data that isn’t really needed. This issue is yet again on the lips of every tech blogger, mainly because of QuadRooter. According to the terms of Google Play, all developers are required to declare these permissions when they submit an app to the store.

Even if you can clearly see those permissions before you commit to downloading an app, Google Play doesn’t have any kind of filtering mechanism that enables users to remove apps with questionable permissions from the search results.

StripSearch is an app that is a huge help for informed users who want to stay away from trouble and filter out apps with inappropriate permissions.

With that being said, we’ve included a nifty guide on how to install and use StripSearch down below.

Filter Android Apps by Permissions with StripSearch

1. Download & Install StripSearch from Google Play Store.

Download from Play Store

stripsearch download

2. Open StripSearch and hit the Settings and tap on Download Auth Plugin.

settings stripsearchdownload Auth Plugin

3. Install StripSearchAuth.

install stripsearchauth

4. Get back to StripSearch and wait until the plug-in authenticates your Google Account.

check info stripsearch

5. Open the Filters tab and select a category from that list.

filter stripsearchfilters categories

Note: Each category filters out the permissions in that domain. If you use the “Paranoia Strikes Deep” filter, the search will return only those apps that use any kind of intrusive permissions.

6. Use the search bar to conduct a search based on your previously selected filter.

stripsearch location

7. If you tap the Android icon next to each app, you’ll see a list with permissions.

searchstrip see permissionssearchstrip perrmition lisr

Note: The permissions in red have intrusive capabilities, but that doesn’t mean they are being used in a bad way.

7. Tapping an app icon inside SearchStrip will take you to Google Play Store, where you can easily download it.

searchs strip appgoogle play store


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