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How to Download Flickr Photos to Android



Flickr is image and video hosting service owned by Yahoo. You probably heard about their backup service which offers 1 TB of free storage space, available for all users. Aside from this gigantic storage space, Flickr is also known for having a powerful searching tool capable of sorting photos by gender, age, location, interests, school and much more.

The Flickr app is very intuitive as you can quickly switch between public and private pictures, organize albums and easily create groups. Despite this, saving pics from Flikr’s cloud back to your device is a very confusing process and seems to elude most Flickr users. Lucky for you, we have provided step-by-step instructions down below.

How to Download Photos from Flickr to Android

1. Download & Install Flickr app from Google Play Store.Download Flickr


2. Log into your account.

flickr account

3. Open the picture you want to download.

open flickr picture

4. Tap the Share icon and select Save from the list.

flickr sharesave flickr

5. Select a resolution and wait for the download to complete.

select flick photo resolution

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