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How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos on iPhone



Instagram definitely has a good line-up of cool traits, but one feature that has made iPhone users complain is the ability to save photos and videos from Instagram’s feed.

Maybe this happens because of copyright laws or because Instagram wants you to keep using their app instead of downloading their pics to your iPhone. Or maybe it’s a combination or both.

Either way, there is a way to save Instagram photos and videos without having to jailbreak your device. Here’s how to download pictures and videos on your iPhone with an App store app.

How to save photos and videos from Instagram

1. Download and Install IG Saver from App Store.

Download IG Saver


2. Open IG Saver and sign-in with your Instagram account.

sign in with instagram

3. Tap the Instagram button and find the picture you want to download.

instagram button13644178_1070637369670671_948356682_n

4. Tap on the picture and select Copy Share URL.


5. Go back to IG Saver and hit the Save button.

save icon

6.  You can find all your saved pictures there.

saved picture instagram13624574_1070637156337359_1629841466_n

Note: Keep in mind that each coin is used for one picture. If you run out of coins, you have the option to give a review in exchange for 10 coins.

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