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Discover Android Hardware and System Info with CPU-Z


If you have a history with overclocking your PC, you’re probably familiarized with software that lets you see useful hardware and system data. You can find out information on your CPU architecture and frequency, temperature, RAM, sensors, resolution and a lot more.

Whether you’re just curious to find out what’s your device specs or you’re into more elaborate overclocking projects, this guide will help you see all your Android hardware and system data.

The app we are going to use for this is CPU-Z, maybe because it’s as stable as the PC version and has the same capabilities on devices with and without root.

We provided a detailed explanation for each tap. See them down below.

Discover Android Hardware and System Info with CPU-Z

1. Download and Install CPU-Z from Google Play Store.

Download CPU-Z

2. Open CPU-Z and tap on the SOC (System on Chip). This tab will help you find the name of your processor, its architecture, the number of cores and frequencies. On the bottom, you can see your GPU card (video card) name, architecture, and frequencies.

3. The Device tab holds information about your manufacturer, model, and hardware. You can also see the exact screen size, screen density, RAM and internal memory.

4. The system tab holds information about the Android version, API Level, and Build ID. You can also verify if your device is rooted by checking the Root Access entry.

5. The battery tab holds information about, you’ve guessed it, battery. You can check your battery level, technology, and temperature. Pay attention to the first entry, if the Health indicator is “Bad“, you should consider changing your battery.

6. The Thermal tab holds a list of all the temperatures from your phone’s hardware. You can also check them out by visiting their individual tab.

That’s it. With this app you would be able to understand about your device hardware.

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