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How To Disable Find Me By My Phone Number in WeChat



WeChat is already a super app in China, but western app markets are finally starting to notice it’s potential. Even though the European and US version of WeChat is not nearly as powerful as the Chinese version, some users are already jumping ships to WeChat.

One of the main reasons why some users prefer this app over WhatsApp or Viber is because WeChat has a nice set of features that users find convenient and cool. But because it’s a fairly new app, some users are having trouble navigating these new waters, especially when it comes to issues related to privacy.

One such issue is WeChat’s “Find Me By Phone Number” feature. By default, anybody who has your phone number saved in their contact list can quickly look you up and find you inside WeChat. If you have someone to avoid or you simply want this feature disabled, follow our quick guide below.

Disable Find Me By Phone Number in WeChat

1. Open WeChat and tap the Me icon.


2. Tap On Settings.


3. Go to Privacy and disable the toggle next to Find Me by Phone No.


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