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Auto Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp with Siftr Magic Cleaner



I don’t know about you, but my Whatsapp account is constantly being spammed with not-so-funny memes, inspirational quotes, and motivational videos. The problem is, not all of us have the free space to hoard every single picture in our phone memory.

One way to limit the amount of unwanted media in Whatsapp is to start blocking the culprits who are spamming you with pictures and videos. But let’s face it, we all have at least one family member that makes it his life’s mission to flood your phone memory with unwanted media. If you want to avoid a family feud, you can also try to manually search and delete each and every picture or video, but that will take a painful amount of time.

The best solution for this problem is to use an app that is specialized in getting rid of your useless photos and videos in one tap.

Siftr – Your Media Assistant is capable of scanning the media folder on your phone and automatically detect junk images like screenshots, video captures, memes and images with overlay text.

Aside from Whatsapp, Siftr Media Assistant (Magic Cleaner) is compatible with other messaging apps like Messenger, Hike, and even Instagram. See how you can install and use Siftr down below.

Delete Unwanted Photos in Whatsapp with Magic Cleaner

1. Download and Install Magic Cleaner from Google Play Store.

Download Magic Cleaner

magic cleaner

2. Go through the initial presentation with Dr. Kleen and hit Go Ahead in order to enable Magic Cleaner from the Accessibility tab.

Dr kleen 1Dr Kleen 2Dr. Kleen Analyze

3. Tap on Magic Cleaner and enable it.

acessibility magic cleaneracessibility magic

4. Tap on Dr. Kleen’s head to let him analyze your media folder.

tap on head magic cleaner

4. After the analysis is complete, scroll down to see the list of junk files ready to be deleted.

analysis completejunk photos

5. To delete your junk, tap on the recycle bin icon and wait for the process to complete.

delete junkdelete photosdeleting photos

The app is free but has a limitation on number of images that can be automatically deleted. To increase your limit you need to wait for a day or invite friends to use the app.

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