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Delete Multiple Contacts from Android Phone using Google Contacts


Considering how much we use our Android device, chances are some of us are going to collect a whole lot of contact entries in our contact list. Even though you can easily search for a contact in Android, some users like to keep a clean shop, and we totally support that.

By default, the stock Android has no built-in way of removing multiple contacts at once, but there are workarounds to this shortcoming. By far, the most convenable method is to use Google Contacts tool. The only downside is, you will have to make use of your computer.

Follow our quick guide down below to see how to delete multiple contacts on a stock Android phone.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on Stock Android Phones

Keep in mind that the following method will only work for the contacts saved within your Google account. The contacts stored on your SIM Card won’t be visible in Google Contacts.

1. Switch to your PC, visit Google’s Contacts and log in with the Google Account that you use on your Android device.

Contacts Manager Page

2. Once you are logged in, click on All contacts.

3. Use your mouse to hover over a name icon. You’ll notice that a checkbox will appear.

4. Tick all the contacts that you want to delete.

5. Make your way to the top-right corner of the screen, click the recycle bin icon and select Delete.

6. Switch to your Android device and open the Contacts app.

7. Check to see if the contact list has been synced. If not, tap the settings icon and select Accounts.


8.  Select Google from the list and tap on your account email.

9. Scroll down and check to see if the Contacts entry is toggled OFF. If it is, turn it ON. If it was already enabled, disable it and turn it on again.

10. That’s it! Once the contacts are finished syncing you should have an updated contact list without the contacts you’ve deleted from the Contact Manager Page.

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