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How to Set Custom Ringtones in WhatsApp on Android



WhatsApp is now the most used messaging or chatting service worldwide, but things were different in its humble beginnings. Till recently, users complained of the few customizing options that WhatsApp had, one of the most pressing issues being the inability to set custom notifications and ringtones. WhatsApp addressed this issue by releasing an iOS update that allowed Apple enthusiasts to customize their notifications. Naturally, that pissed off the huge mass of Android users, who felt neglected and pressed for a prompt update.

Luckily, the update is here and Android users can muster custom notifications with any ringtone they desire. We have included a quick guide on how to personalize your WhatsApp experience with custom notifications.

How to Set Custom Notifications in Whatsapp

1. If you want to set custom notifications for a WhatsApp group, tap the Settings icon and select Group Info.

Note: If you seek to set custom notifications for a contact, tap the Settings icon and select View contact.

Screenshot_2016-07-26-17-47-00view contact whatsapp

2. In the group info panel, tap on Custom notifications.

custom group notification

3. Tick Use custom notifications and tap on Notification tone in order to change the default message ringtone.

Note: You can scroll down and also modify the call notifications as you see fit.

use custom notification whatsappnotification tone

4. Select Media Storage and decide on one ringtone from the list.

whatsap media storagewhatsapp notification tones

5. Besides ringtones, you can also change Vibrating notifications, Popups, and Light (the color of the contact bar).

vibrating whatsapppopup whatsapplight whatsapp

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