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Create Beautiful App Screenshots for iOS App Store


When developers want to make an app that stands out from the others, they build custom app screenshots in order to showcase their app. If done manually, this thing may take a lot of a developer’s limited time. Lucky for you, there’s a whole bunch of tools emerging that do the job for you without too many questions asked. It’s a real time saver and has never been more affordable. Let’s take a look on some of the tools that will help you produce stunning screenshots without having to pay a designer to do it.

LaunchKit’s Screenshot Builder

This is a simple to use tool that helps you create clean looking custom screenshots for the App Store page and export them in virtually every screen size and resolution that the store requires (5.5”, 4.7”, 4.0”, 3.5”). You’ll be able to create and manage your App Store assets with ease. You have a plethora of choices too. You can decide between multiple layouts, arrange your screenshot on a black or white mock-up, and insert your text above or below the screenshot. It lets you change the text color, font, background color and even lets you insert your own custom background image. It’s a cool and simple idea with a good execution and better yet, you can try it for free!

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PlaceIt is a wonderful way to showcase your app in any realistic environment you desire. It’s as simple as dropping a screenshot or URL. It will take care of the rest by automatically generating high-quality mockups for you. You can use their services for iPhone and iPad presentations, or on any other device. There’s a huge variety of images to choose from, so you can create your own fancy screenshot in no time. They have 4 subscription plans for you to choose from or one-time purchases. The most popular subscription plan costs $29 per month and includes unlimited image comp downloads, various discounts on super high res purchases and no watermark.

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iPhone Screenshot Maker (or) ScreenShot Maker Pro

This app frames your screenshots on a wide array of templates (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iMac, MacBook and even Android). You have over 40 professional looking frames to choose from, which will make your screenshots look better right away. There are even more options available, you can adjust the shadow, apply display or ground reflection and even add a 3D background. There is both web version and app. The app is designed to work on both the iPhone and iPad with no compatibility issues whatsoever. The upside is that it outputs your modified screenshot in a PNG file with an alpha channel so it’s easier to tweak it further using programs like Photoshop. The downside, however, is that you only get to save two screenshots per day, until the purchase button appears. If you want to have unlimited save’s for this app, you have to spend $2.99 on iTunes, which is not a fortune.

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