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Create Zip Files in Android using ES File Explorer



In the last couple of years, smartphones have seen a huge increase in storage capacity as well as processing power. Despite this, things remain complicated when you have to send or transfer multiple files in one go. The safest option when having to do this is to compress your files prior to shipping them away.

Although Google Play is filled with apps capable of zipping files such as Rar or WinZip, we’re going to show you how to compress your files using a built-in feature of ES File Explorer. It’s easier, has the same efficiency when compressing and, as a bonus, you get a very reliable file manager.

Read the full instructions down below.

How to Create Zip Files in Android

1. Download & Install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.

Download ES File Explorer

es file explorer

2. Navigate to the files you want to compress and long press each one to make a selection.

longpress to make a sellection

3. With the files selected, tap the More icon and select Compress.

select more and compressmore then compress

3.  Name your archive, select zip and hit OK to let ES File Explorer compress your files.

name ES archivecompressing files

4. You can find all your compressed files by going to the home screen and selecting Compressed.

compressed filesappdosh archive

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