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How to Create Custom Stickers for Facebook



It’s no wonder why a lot of people search for ways to create their own stickers for Facebook. Photos and stickers are two of the most traded items inside Facebook Messenger.

Facebook keeps a tight leash over the sticker packs that are featured inside their app. Having your own sticker pack featured in Messenger is impossible unless you’re an established designer with a partnership with Facebook.

Fortunately for sticker enthusiasts, Facebook released an app that allows you to combine various sticker items with pictures in order to send your own creations to your friends via Messenger. Not quite what we expected but close enough. You’ll be amazed at the things you can create with Stickered.

Follow our quick guide down below to get the hang of Stickered for Messenger.

How to Create Custom Stickers with Stickered for Messenger

1. Download Stickered for Messenger from Google Play or App Store.

Download for AndroidDownload for iOS


2. Tap on the picture icon and select a picture to work with.


Note: If you want to have an authentic feel to your sticker, use a white blank picture as your background. That way, the final sticker will look similar to the default stickers against Messenger’s white background.

3. Tap the + icon and select a sticker element from the list. You can move an element by tapping and holding on it while moving your finger across the screen.


Note: Each category has different thematic elements. You can also add text by tapping the text icon.

4. If you inserted multiple elements, tap on one to select it. The selected element will appear at the top of the screen.


5. You can delete an element by dragging it to the recycle bin icon.


6. You can enlarge or minimize an element by pinching inwards or outwards.


7. You can flip an element by double-tapping on it. In order to rotate it, tap and hold with 2 fingers and move in a circular motion.


8. When you’re done, tap the messenger icon and select a friend to share your sticker with.


9. Have fun creating custom stickers!


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