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How to Create Custom Stickers for Whatsapp



Whatsapp isn’t a big fan of stickers. Even with the fact that almost all the similar apps like Messenger or Skype have jumped on the sticker train, Whatsapp still refuses to develop a native way for users to send each other stickers.

That’s no problem, however, because there are a number of 3rd party solutions that will allow you to send stickers on Whatsapp.

We decided to feature this following app because of its huge collection of stickers and memes. Even more, this app allows you to create your own stickers and send them across Whatsapp, Messenger Skype, Google+ and more.

Here’s a quick guide on how to install and use Stickers for Whatsapp:

1. Download & Install Stickers For Whatsapp

Download from Google Play


2. Tap the category icon to see a list with stickers categories.


3. Tap on a category and select a sticker from the list.


4. You can insert text by typing in the sticker text bar.


5. Tap on a font type from the list to insert the text. Tap and hold on the text and drag your finger across the screen to change its position. Drag fingers in a circular motion to rotate an item.


6. To change the background, tap the multicolored icon and select a color from the list.


7. You can also modify any existing picture or take a brand new one with your camera by using the two icons located at the top of the screen.


8. To send the sticker, tap on the WhatsApp icon and select a contact from the list.


9. Have fun sending custom stickers on Whatsapp.


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