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Create 4 Pics 1 Word Android Game In QuickApp Ninja – No Coding!



4 Pics 1 Word games have gained immense popularity in app stores, some of them manage to earn more than $50 k. If you want to build a steady stream of app revenue, make use of QuickApp Ninja service to build many simple games from scratch.

Their platform features an easy, intuitive drag & drop game wizard, so you don’t need any real training to start using it. You can then upload the game to Google Play store and earn from ads. Get this, their service is 100% Free, as long as you agree to a tiny watermark that says it was created with QuickApp Ninja. You can opt to remove that watermark in exchange for the small sum of $10.

Another great advantage of using QuickApp Ninja is the referral program. You can get paid 5 % of all the ad revenue each developer makes who registers with your referral link. This can significantly add to your revenue if you have determined friends.

Here’s how to build a 4 Pics 1 Word from scratch for FREE with QuickApp Ninja:

How to Make 4 Pics 1 Word Android Game

1. Visit QuickApp Ninja website and Sign up for an account.

Visit QuickApp Ninja website


2. Click on Create New Game.


3. Select the 4 Pics 1 Word template from the list.


4. Select the theme and gameplay elements colors for your game.


5. Upload your company logo and set up your splash screen.


6. Select Content and construct your game levels.


7.  Leave the default game sounds or upload your own.


8. Design your game icon.


9. Insert the name of your game and support email.


10. Hit Generate Game and wait until your game is generated.


11. Download the apk and upload it to Play Store.


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