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How to Convert SQLite Database to Excel with SQLite manager



SQLite Manager is a free Firefox plug-in, perfect for managing small data system that lay at the core of your applications or websites. This post will show you how to convert an SQLite database table to an excel file.

This will make it easier to edit the content of your database tables, prior to importing them back to your database. See the full guide along with screenshots down below.

How to export an SQLite file into Excel

1. Open Firefox SQLite manager and load the database.


2.  Go to View and select Export View.


3. This should bring up a new tab called Export Wizard. As you can see, no view is selected for export yet. We are going to select one in the next step. Select the CSV tab.


4. Next, right-click on the table in the left section of the screen and hit Export Table.


5. With the table selected, tick the First row contains column names and separate the fields by Tab. Hit OK to export.


6. Prior to hitting Save, make sure you modify the extension from .csv to .xls.


7. Open the file you saved with Excel and hit Yes to the first prompt.


8. Edit your database easily in Excel.


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