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How to Clear Safari Cookies and History on iPhone and iPad



If you didn’t already know, every time you visit a webpage on iOS with Safari, your steps get recorded in your browser history. Even more, cookies are also stored in order to retain log-ins, passwords, and your site behavior, among other things.

Regardless of your reasons, you can prevent your history from being tracked by making use of Safari’s Private Browsing Mode. If it’s already too late for that, you can get a clean record again by following the steps down below.

How to Clear Browsing History & Cookies from Safari

1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings menu.

iphone settings

2. Scroll down and tap on Safari.

iphone safari

3. Scroll down and tap on Clear History in order to delete your browsing history.

clear historyconfirm clear history

4. In order to get rid of your cookies, tap on Clear Cookies and Data. It is located under Clear History. That’s it.

clear cookies and data13652278_1073498059384602_1900419670_n

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