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Choose Your Ideal Android Look with Android Taste Test


Android is known for its huge collection of customizable home screens, launchers, and icon packs. But deciding on a useful configuration that fits your tastes is no easy task. So why not let Google do the deciding for you?

Some time ago, Google introduced a cool service called Android Taste Test that is meant to help you decide on the customized look of your Android.

Think of Android Taste Test as a personality test for your Android. But, instead of revealing your personality at the end of it, this test will compile a list of wallpapers, icon packs, widgets and launchers that will hopefully fit your tastes.

You should know that Google didn’t take this test too seriously, so you can expect some ambiguous options as you take your picks. Don’t dwell too much on it, just go with whatever looks better in your opinion.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Android Taste Test to get the suitable look and functionality for your device.

How to Decide on your Android Look with Android Taste Test

1. Visit the link below and hit “Let’s Go” to begin Android Taste Test.

Android Taste Test

Note: You can take this test on both PC and mobile.

2. Pick the items that feel right to you. Don’t overthink it, there are no wrong answers.

3. After the test is finished, the service will provide you with a preview of your ideal (hopefully) Android look.

4. Scroll down and begin downloading and installing the suggested wallpapers, icon packs, widgets or whatever Google throws at you.

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