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Change App Icons in Android (Without Root)



Android users have different ways of dealing with an ugly app icon. Some prefer to hide them inside folders, some create entirely new tabs just for them. Lucky for those of you with a strong aesthetic sense, there’s a better way of dealing with ugly app icons. You can try to install a new launcher that also changes some app icons, but you won’t get to decide which icon gets to stay and which has to go.

Replacing an app icon isn’t a new thing in the Android world. The tricky part about it until now, was the mandatory requirement of root access on your device. Well, not anymore.

Awesome Icons is a simple concept, but one that finally allows icon swapping on non-rooted Android devices. The app works like a shortcut creator – after you change an app’s icon and label, a new shortcut of that app will be created with the icon you selected.

The new icons can be used the same way as regular ones – you can put them on your home screen, organize them in folders or even stick them on docks. After you create your new icons, it would be a good idea to create a folder with the original entries. Having duplicates on your home screen is never nice.

Now that we went through Awesome icons capabilities, here’s a quick guide on how to use it.

How to Change an App Icon in Android with Awesome Icons

1. Download Awesome Icons from Google Play Store.

Download from Google Play Store


2. Open the app, extend the menu options and tap on Get more icons.


Note : This step is done to give you additional icons for you to choose from. If you already have icon packs installed on your system, you can skip straight to step 5.

3.  Select an icon pack from the list and install it to your Android device.


4. Open the menu, tap again and tap on Icon packs. Check whether you have an icon pack installed on your system.


5. Select the launcher of which you want to modify app icons.


6. Tap on the app you want to change the icon.


7. Tap the icon entry and select Icon pack icon from the list.


8. Tap on All Icons and select your new icon from the list.


9. Your icon is now changed. You can also change the name of the app by modifying the label. Hit OK when you’re done.


10. Check to see if your app icon has changed. Keep in mind that you can repeat these steps with any app and use whatever icon pack you can find.


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