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Changing Your Device Name in Google Play Store



A lot of people like to browse the Google Play Store and make purchases from a PC or laptop because it’s faster and you can visualize the product on a wider screen. When you actually decide to download an app to your Android device, you will be prompted to select a device from a list.


Unfortunately, some Android devices have names that can prove to be quite technical like “SM-9354”. If your one of those people “unfortunate” enough to have multiple Android devices, it can became a burden to distinguish between them.

This is why it can be helpful to assign normal names to your Android phones and tablets. Here’s our quick guide on how to rename your Android device in Google Play.

How to Assign Names to your Android devices in Google Play Store

1. Open Google Play Store inside a web browser and click on the Settings icon, located in the top-right section of the screen.


2. You will see a list with all your Android devices connected with this particular Google account.


3. To rename a device, click the Edit button next to the phone, tablet or other Android devices that you might have.


4. Enter a nickname for the device and hit Update.


5. Try to download something from your web browser again, it should display your newly created nickname.


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