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Change Your Android Device Name for BlueTooth and WiFi


On an Android device, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the most used connectivity features for the majority of smartphone users when it comes to transferring files from a device to another.

By default, if someone is looking to transfer you a file via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, your device will have a generic name like HTC-4245. But you’re cooler than that! So let’s see how to rename your Android device name for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more.

Note: Be advised that the modifications performed in this tutorial are conducted on a rooted Lolipop OS, so your phone setting might be a little different, but the path is generally the same.

How to change Bluetooth Device Name in Android

1. Go to Settings and select Bluetooth.

2. Make sure you enable the Bluetooth before you attempt to rename your device, then click on the options icon.

3. Select Rename this Device and type in your new name.

How to Change Android Wi-Fi Name

1. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi. Make sure you enable the Wi-Fi before you attempt to change the phone name.

2. Select Options in the top-right corner of the screen and hit Advanced.

3. Scroll down and select Wi-Fi Direct.

4. Once here, hit Rename Device and type in your desired name.

How to Change Phone Identity Name

1. Go to Settings > Developer Option.

Hint: If you are unable to find Developer options, go to About Phone and type 7 times on the Build Number.

2. With the Developer Options enabled, go to Device hostname and type in your desired name. Save it.

That’s all.

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