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How to Share Files Between Android and Windows in AMIDuOS

AMIDuOS brings nothing less than the full Android experience on Windows. With all the features that Android users came to love, this software will allow you to run all the Android applications available in Android markets. Because PCs and laptops have much more processing power, AMIDUOS will run at an incredible speed and perform all your […]

How to Setup Genymotion Emulator in Android Studio

Using GApps with Open GApps App

Open GApps is the most preferred go-to site when it comes to downloading Google App packages, and it’s not hard to understand why. If you are interested even a little bit in custom ROMs, there’s a high chance you already know about Open GApps Project. The site is as straightforward as it gets. The packages are easy to […]

Ludei vs PhoneGap

Around the middle of 2014, the chief executive of Ludei, Eneko Knorr, took a swing at Adobe’s PhoneGap, announcing that their platform, CocoonJs, can compile games that run 10 times faster than similar apps made with PhoneGap.In the past, the downside for HTML5 developers was that their apps ran much slower than native apps. Time […]

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