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6 Useful Tips for Google Allo Messaging App

Google recently released a new instant messaging client cleverly named Allo. Google Allo was developed to be a worthy competitor to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Whether the app will become the next big thing in messaging apps, it still remains to be seen. Until then, one thing is for certain – Google Allo lives up to the hype. With […]

ALLO – Why You’d Want Google’s New Messaging App

How to Block Numbers In Google Duo

Google Duo is a beautiful piece of software, with a clear focus on simplicity. If you didn’t try Google Duo yet, you can download it from here. Even if it has a simple interface and facilitates cross-platform high-quality video calling, Google Duo can’t single out and block unwanted contacts from calling you automatically. Better yet, it provides […]

ALLO – Why You’d Want Google’s New Messaging App

How to Use Facebook Messenger’s Secret Conversations

Several months ago when WhatsApp announce it’s intentions to encrypt all conversations by default, a new message security trend was created. Weeks ago, Google entered the instant messaging market with Allo, a messaging client capable of facilitating end-to-end encrypted conversations via a feature dubbed Incognito mode. Coincidence or not, Facebook’s Messenger received an update with a […]

ALLO – Why You’d Want Google’s New Messaging App

How to Use Google Assistant in Allo

If you didn’t already know, Google recently released a messaging client dubbed Allo, which is expected to put some pressure on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Surprisingly or not, Allo’s features are substantial, to say the least – incognito mode with end-to-end encryption, SIM log-in, a huge collection of emojis & stickers, and of course the all hailed […]

ALLO – Why You’d Want Google’s New Messaging App

Keep Your Conversations Private & Secure on Google Allo

The tech giant Google just launched its new messaging app dubbed Allo, and we happen to think it’s neat. Google Assistant is super smart and we really appreciate Google’s efforts to take instant messaging to the next level, but there are some concerns about Google’s habit of storing your messages on their servers. The company explains this decision by […]

ALLO – Why You’d Want Google’s New Messaging App

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