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Popular App Monetization Models

There’s no question that some developers create apps mainly because of their passion for the app-making environment. Even with this given fact, developing an app is a costly process in both time and money. Regardless if you do it just to support your passion or you plan to become rich, it has become a must to think […]

How to Make Money from App Testing

Did you know you can make money from app testing online from the comfort of your couch just by sharing your honest review? It’s called testing and anybody can do it, as long as they have a good command of English and don’t mind their clicks, keystrokes and voice being recorded. Future testers such as yourself […]

Top Ad Networks for App Developers

If you’re one of those guys that jumped on the app development train since it started to be cool, you probably know that it was hard to cash in. Indie developers were constantly getting slammed with low click-through rates and commercial companies weren’t happy with their revenue. Regardless of that, times change, the industry is […]

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