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Android Studio Tutorials

How to Move or Export an Android Studio Project

Android Studio has become the most convenient IDE for Android development, outsmarting Eclipse. Compared to Eclipse, a lot of things are simplified in AS, and the auto-complete tool is perfect for coding beginners still learning the basics of Android. If you are operating from multiple workstations, it’s essential to be able to migrate your projects to any […]

How to Use Bluestacks Emulator with Android Studio

How to use a PC Keyboard in Android Studio Emulator

A lot of times, when you’re developing an app that requires users to type, it becomes frustrating to test it with the default settings in Android Studio. This happens because it’s considerably harder to type using the emulator keyboard than it is on your PC keyboard. In order to switch the default keyboard in Android […]

How to Setup Genymotion Emulator in Android Studio

Generate App Icons with Image Asset Studio

Android Studio is without question the best IDE for developers working exclusively on Android projects. Features like auto code completion or its versatile emulator make up for a great platform for Android development. But it isn’t just that, Android Studio does a lot more. Such is the case with Image Asset Studio, a built-in Android Studio […]

How to Change SDK Path in Android Studio

How to Change or Add Themes in Android Studio

Developers are known to be picky when it comes to their working environment. Some prefer to code on a white background while other find this setting tiresome for their eyes. Fortunately, Android Studio has diverse themes to accommodate every developer preference. If that isn’t enough, this IDE offers the option to download custom themes and […]

How to Change SDK Path in Android Studio

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