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How to Move or Export an Android Studio Project

Android Studio has become the most convenient IDE for Android development, outsmarting Eclipse. Compared to Eclipse, a lot of things are simplified in AS, and the auto-complete tool is perfect for coding beginners still learning the basics of Android. If you are operating from multiple workstations, it’s essential to be able to migrate your projects to any […]

How to Use Bluestacks Emulator with Android Studio

How to Share Files Between Android and Windows in AMIDuOS

AMIDuOS brings nothing less than the full Android experience on Windows. With all the features that Android users came to love, this software will allow you to run all the Android applications available in Android markets. Because PCs and laptops have much more processing power, AMIDUOS will run at an incredible speed and perform all your […]

How to Install Android APK in AMIDuOS on Windows

How to Connect AMIDuOS with Android Studio

AMIDuOS brings the functionality, depth, and fun of Android to Microsoft Windows devices. It allows for easy switching between Windows and Android without the need of dual boot. AMIDuOS uses OpenGL drivers and 3D acceleration to drastically improve frame rates and support even the most high-demanding Android games. AMIDuOS can also be used for testing […]

How to use a PC Keyboard in Android Studio Emulator

Make Nox App Player Run Faster with Nvidia Graphic Cards

Nox App Player is already performance-oriented emulator with extreme compatibility. It will run even the latest games at a decent framerate on low-to-medium systems. However, there is a situation where games and apps might experience some lagging even if you have a powerful graphic card. This happens on systems that have both an integrated Intel […]

How to Import Files into Nox App Player

How to Install Android APK in AMIDuOS on Windows

AMIDuOS provides a full Android experience on Windows devices. Because it fully runs on Windows hardware, DuOS looks awesome and performs with no limitations. Due to the fact that AMIDuOS supports 3D acceleration, you can enjoy a superior gaming experience on low-end Windows PCs and laptops that could only be achieved on the latest smartphone […]

How to Install Google Apps in AMIDuOS Emulator

How to Import Files into Nox App Player

Nox App Player is a fast paced, stable Android emulator with impressive compatibility. Aside from what’s “under the hood“, many users were eager to switch from other competitors to Nox due to its very attractive interface. Even more, it seems like Nox app player is way better in preventing lagging on low-end systems. Because of this, some […]

How to Install and Run Flash Player on Android Lollipop

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