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Creating a Cross Platform Business App with Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a well made DIY service that lets you create beautifully designed business and productivity apps with zero coding. Yes No Coding! We already covered how to create games from popular templates without any coding knowledge using QuickApp Ninja. Unfortunately, QuickApp Ninja only features game templates, so if you’re looking to create a business or productivity app, you have to […]

Building a Simple Android Facts App

How to Create a Simple Snackbar in Android

Introduced in Material Design, SnackBars are similar to Toast messages but have an additional action for the user to interact with. A SnackBar appears at the bottom of the  screen and has to be swiped off in order to be dismissed. Setting the CoordinatorLayout as a view parameter enables swipe-to-dismiss and automatically moves widgets. The duration of […]

How to Build a Simple DatePicker in Android Studio

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