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How to Fix “Error 25000” in Bluestacks on PC

Bluestacks emulator is arguably the most simple way to run Android apps on your PC. This free emulator has an impressive compatibility rate and is capable of decent frame rates on even the lowest system configurations. There is, however, a fairly common problem reported by users who are trying to install Bluestacks on systems which have […]

Fix BlueStacks 2 “System Service Exception” Error on Windows 10

How to Run KolibriOS on Android – The Easy Way

Kolibri or KolibriOS is a light weight open source operating system written completely in assembly language. Due to its small size and good performance, it was regarded for many years as a worthy alternative to established operating systems. In fact, it is so small and streamlined that scientists were able to store KolibriOS on a tiny drop […]

Run Windows 95 on Android – The Easy Way

Discover Android Hardware and System Info with CPU-Z

If you have a history with overclocking your PC, you’re probably familiarized with software that lets you see useful hardware and system data. You can find out information on your CPU architecture and frequency, temperature, RAM, sensors, resolution and a lot more. Whether you’re just curious to find out what’s your device specs or you’re into more […]

Quick Root Android Device using Kingo Root

Using 3G/4G Mobile Data as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android

Android smartphones have a lot of useful perks aside from being simple communication devices. One of those perks is the ability to use an Android phone or tablet as a mobile hotspot wich lets you share your mobile data internet connection with upto 5 other devices including laptops, tablets or other phones. Wi-Fi data sharing […]

How to Set Mobile Data Limits on Android Devices

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