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How to Migrate All of Your Android Contacts to Google Drive

Phones have changed a lot over the years, but their main function which is making calls has remained untouched over the years. As you probably know, all the details related to calling are stored on your device in the form of contacts. In terms of backup, Android will automatically store your contacts on your Google […]

Delete Multiple Contacts from Android Phone using Google Contacts

How to Block a Phone Number on Samsung Smartphones

Because we rely increasingly more on instant messaging apps, making calls becomes a rarity for more and more smartphone users. However, there are still cases where you get unwanted calls. Pesky strangers, annoying relatives, and telemarketers are just a few examples that can ruin your day. But there’s no reason why you have to endure it. Android […]

How to Block Numbers In Google Duo

How to Enable Encryption in Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or Above

Some Android devices running Lollipop (5.x) or higher have encryption out of the box. Google phones like Nexus or Pixel have default encryption even on low-end models. But most manufacturers don’t encrypt their devices by default, so if you want to protect your data, you’ll have to do it yourself. Do We Need Encryption? Considering […]

How to Enable 2-Step Verification on Your Google Account

How to Use Split Screen Mode in Android Nougat

Android split-screen was a feature long been marketed as a Samsung-exclusive trait, available on high-end devices exclusively. Well not anymore. With the launch of Android Nougat, Google managed to tone down Samsung’s supremacy by implementing a native split-screen mode. The feature turned up to be so intuitive and flexible that many tech enthusiasts are saying […]

How to Fix Errors and Malware Using Safe Mode on Android

How to Install Kali Linux on Android without Root

Arguably the favorite operating system for white hat hackers, Kali Linux is especially used by security experts and pen testers around the world. The reason why it’s part of every expert’s toolbox is because it allows for advanced testing techniques and security checks while maintaining an accessible interface. Regardless of how you plan on using Kali Linux, we […]

How to Run Damn Small Linux on Android

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