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How to Transfer Money from Paytm to Bank Account

Paytm is the go-to digital payment app for most people in India since the demonetization drive. From general stores to vegetable farmers, everyone is jumping the digitalization trend and is joining Paytm’s cashless payment platform. Since the technology is still young, there is some confusion about what is the payment procedure after a merchant receives […]

How to Install Paytm App on PC with Bluestacks

Interested in the Universe? Classify Galaxies with Galaxy Zoo

Listen up! The world needs your help. Astronomers need your help to understand how galaxies formed. You are now officially invited to classify them according to their shapes by looking through the lenses of SDSS and CTIO telescopes. If you are lucky, you may even be the first person to see some galaxies. The best […]

iPhone “Live Photos” Feature on Android with Camera MX

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