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Best Free Movie Apps for Android


For many people, movies provide a way to brighten an otherwise uneventful day. But what if you’re a late-worker and constantly find yourself bored to death on the ride home? Thanks to some clever developers, we now have a pretty big selection of free movie apps that are successfully streaming quality content on your favorite portable device. We’re aware that most users aren’t hardcore movie addicts, so you probably wouldn’t agree to pay a monthly subscription for an app that you rarely use. With this in mind, we have put together a list with of the best free movie apps out there. We’ve made it a priority to include only apps that are scam free, filled with quality content and personally tested by us.


Viewster will definitely satisfy your cinematographic curiosities. That’s if you’re the patient type and don’t get pissed after viewing countless ads. The quality can be compared with watching SD TV broadcasts. Newer movies have great image and sound, were as older ones have an inferior resolution, but that’s to be expected I guess. Being available on every platform you can think of, including Android and iOS, Viewster has a great layout from which you can easily filter by language, genre, last additions or most views. It has a pretty strong database of movies, tv series, concerts and their last addition, anime & cartoons.

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Flipps is my personal favorite. It has a large database of movies, which will keep you entertained for months. In addition to that, you can stream the movie on your smartphone and watch it on a big TV Screen. If you’re thinking “I bet they look awful on a big screen TV,” you’re in for a surprise, as I was. It’s true it can take a while for it to get going, but once it starts it’s all worth it!The streaming quality is incredible, I myself was stunned with the image I was getting on my big screen. The only potential downside is that you have to sign up before you get access to their entertainment package.

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Show Box

Not to be confused with Google Play’s Showbox (an app that pays you money for installing other apps) this Show Box is probably the most popular free movie streaming app on this list. Content-wise, there’s no question their lineup is the best in business.You can watch new blockbuster movies or fresh tv episodes for free. The quality is good, the streaming does the job and you even have the option to download the movie and watch offline later. For obvious reasons, Show Box is not available on Google play, but there’s a workaround to that, as you can manually install the .apk file on your android based device. The link to their official website with apk is given below.

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Crackle has a good selection of free movies and TV shows available for streaming. I’m sure you understand that given the free nature of the app, you won’t get to watch the latest blockbusters, but still there’s a large selection of popular shows. I was pleased to see that they feature old TV hits like Seinfeld or The Three Stooges. There’s also a cool line-up of newer shows like The Walking Dead, Blacklist or Dexter. The downside is that you won’t find every episode of a tv show, that’s especially the case of recent shows, but still you can keep the boredom away for a few days. Crackle has become a favorite hang-out place for anime lovers and comedy fans and they adjusted their lineup accordingly. The database of shows is constantly being updated, usually with exclusive content. Initially launched for iOS, Crackle is now available also on Android but has some country restrictions; US, UK, Australia and Canada being the only countries with this service. Crackle would have been a wonderful movie streaming service if it wasn’t filled with frequent ads, streaming limitations (no HD available) and country restrictions.

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Free Movies

Free movies database is small, but the selection was to my liking. It’s all neatly organized in categories with genres ranging from sci-fi to history. The major drawback of this app and a huge disappointment for me was the fact that it uses the local browser instead of the actual app. The interface is more than terrible and the placing of the ads is a disaster to begin with.

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BigStar Movies

BigStar Movies app offers a selection of successful indie movies, foreign films and acclaimed documentaries, so die-hard Hollywood fans better stay away. I’m sure it would have been a top hang-out place for hipsters if it wasn’t free. It’s quick to install and easy to master as it has a very intuitive interface. BigStar Movies is available on Google Play.

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I just love the layout and the intuitive nature of this app.Aside from the fact that their considerable database is neatly organized based on genres, they regularly feature categories like “Stars you know, movies you don’t” or “Midnight movie madness”.SnagFilms is available for the entire Apple’s suite, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Kindle,Playstation 4, Xbox One, and the list is just getting started. They have a different approach than the vast majority of free movie streaming apps so we think you should definitely give it a try!

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