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App junkie, Android developer, proud Freelancer. Passionate about app development and blogging, updated with the new stuff. Likes to think that he's versed in app re-skinning, content writing and social media.

How to Restrict Content in Google Play Store

Kids are getting extremely good with technology these days. You’d be surprised with the things a toddler can do with Android phone or tablet. But letting our young ones navigate freely can be troublesome because they can easily run into explicit content. You can avoid this entirely by limiting the content available on Google Play. […]

How to Share GIFs to Instagram with Giphy

There’s no question about it, GIFs are taking over social media. While other platforms adapted to the trend and made it easier for users to share GIFs, Instagram just won’t accept them. If let’s say, you upload a GIF to Instagram, you will simply end up posting the first frame only. That’s not good at […]

How to Make Users Hooked over Your Android Game

With the right marketing strategies, you can get a decent number of installs, even if your app isn’t the brightest of all in Play Store. However, getting them to keep coming back to your game instead of going for the next big thing, is a whole other deal. With increasingly stiff competition, getting players engaged […]

How to Save Photos as PDF on iPhone and iPad

Did you know you can take a bunch of photographs from your iOS device and turn them into PDF file? This can be helpful for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it will save you a lot of precious space on your device. PDF files are known to be efficient size-wise, so chances are they […]

How to Run Multiple Instances of Nox App Player on PC

Nox App Player is a performance-oriented Android emulator with great compatibility when it comes to apps and games. Because it’s based on Android 4.4.2 and its X86/AMD compatible, it will run even the latest games at a decent frame-rate on low-to-medium systems. Even though Nox is already an excellent emulator full of native Android features, one […]

Amazon Will Stop Giving Away Free Android Apps

In 2015, Amazon Underground launched an aggressive campaign that allowed Android users to download paid apps free of charge. Many users found that a good enough reason to choose Amazon Appstore over Google Play. The bad news is Amazon will be discontinuing its Underground Actually Free program. The good news is you still have a couple […]

How to Install Adblock Plus on Android

Are you getting tired of browsing through countless intrusive and annoying ads? Looking for an ad blocker for your Android smartphone or tablet? Adblock Plus is your most popular option, and the most reliable one. When it was first launched, AdBlock Plus was available directly from Google Play Store, but that didn’t last long. Google removed […]

Solve Your Curiosities on iOS with Conrad Wise

Conrad Wise is a new iOS app that is getting positive reviews by Apple fans. At its core, the app is a web crawler that is very quick to answer any burning questions you might have about life, the world and basically anything. The reason why we didn’t put Conrad Wise in the same bowl with […]

Create Disposable Phone Numbers (Burners) with Hushed

Aside from shady or illegal things, there are a lot of situations in life where you need to contact someone but you don’t want them to have your permanent phone number. Whether you want to sell something online or you want to go out on a date without leaving too much of a trail, a burner […]

How to Use FaceApp to Age Your Face or Swap Your Gender

We are living in the age of the selfie, so it’s understandable that there are a huge plethora of apps capable of making you look slimmer, taller, better looking or even complement you with a nice piece of dog ears. But every once in a while comes an app so innovative that makes everybody flock […]

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