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App junkie, Android developer, proud Freelancer. Passionate about app development and blogging, updated with the new stuff. Likes to think that he's versed in app re-skinning, content writing and social media.

How to Migrate All of Your Android Contacts to Google Drive

Phones have changed a lot over the years, but their main function which is making calls has remained untouched over the years. As you probably know, all the details related to calling are stored on your device in the form of contacts. In terms of backup, Android will automatically store your contacts on your Google […]

How To Delete Google Now Search History

Google Now has already established itself as an extremely efficient voice-controlled virtual assistant. If we take into account that its main competitors are Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, it’s clear that Google has a huge advantage because it uses search history to optimize ads and create better products. Something that is not advertised by the […]

How to Save Your Parking Spot in Google Maps

It’s good that Google Maps is doing something about making our parking a less of a concern. Shortly after it added a parking availability feature, Google is doubling down with a parking reminder feature. Google Now was equipped with a parking reminder of a while now, but people never got to use it because it was […]

How to Read Web Pages Offline with Chrome on Android

Google Chrome added some offline functionality last year, but with this latest update has made it even easier to cache and read pages when you don’t have access to the internet. If you already updated Chrome to the latest version you should be able to save a local copy of a web article. But since […]

How to Record Calls on Your Android Phone

Recording your calls on Android might make sense for a number of innocent reasons. Journalists use it all the time so that they can provide accurate quotes and business persons use it as a backup evidence to a verbal agreement. Regardless of your reasons, you should know that recording a phone call might be illegal […]

How to Back Up WhatsApp Photos to Google Drive

It’s scary how much information flows through our Whatsapp chats. Let’s say you break your Android phone beyond repair. You can still recover some data from your Google account, but all your Whatsapp data will be lost, right? I don’t know about you but I would be absolutely furious if I lost my WhatsApp pictures. […]

How to Fake a Call on Android

The rapid phase in which we live our lives guarantees a fair number of awkward situations. And don’t even get me started with those boring situations where you would do anything just to get out of them. Luckily, the world is full of excuses if you’re smart enough to pull it off. My number one method […]

How to Block a Phone Number on Samsung Smartphones

Because we rely increasingly more on instant messaging apps, making calls becomes a rarity for more and more smartphone users. However, there are still cases where you get unwanted calls. Pesky strangers, annoying relatives, and telemarketers are just a few examples that can ruin your day. But there’s no reason why you have to endure it. Android […]

Why is SafetyNet a Good Thing for the Android Community

The number one reason why a huge armada of loyal fans gathered around Android is the fact that it’s wide open by design. Users chose Android over another mobile OS simply because they can explore and exploit almost every layer of it. As you can imagine, the thought that an end-user can penetrate almost every layer […]

How to Add/Remove a Second Google Account in Android

Regardless if you own one or multiple Android devices, it’s much easier to keep track of all your stuff if you have all your Google accounts into one place. Android makes it easier to add and sync accounts across multiple devices as well as remove them. This way you will never miss an important email or […]

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