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App junkie, Android developer, proud Freelancer. Passionate about app development and blogging, updated with the new stuff. Likes to think that he's versed in app re-skinning, content writing and social media.

Android Surpasses Windows to Become World’s Most Popular OS

It’s the end of an era, and we got a front seat to the whole thing. Merely weeks ago, StatCounter predicted that Android would soon overtake Windows as the most popular system online. Well, now it’s official – Android is now world’s most popular operating system in terms of internet usage. This analysis is based on the […]

How to Sign Out Gmail Remotely from Multiple Devices

Gmail is among the most popular email clients out there, so many clients use it on more than one device. If you use the same Gmail address with your work, chances are you will end up forgetting to sign out when you leave your workstation. For cases like that, as well as more extreme cases when your smartphone […]

“Turkish Crime Family” Hackers Group Threat to iCloud Accounts

Somewhere in March 2017, a Britain-based hacker group known as the Turkish Crime Family spammed various press outlets with emails claiming to have stolen over 250 million iCloud accounts. The group advised Apple to pay up $75000 in Bitcoin or $100000 worth iTunes gift cards by April 7th. They threatened that should Apple fail to […]

Hidden Secret Codes for Android Phone Users

Software developers are known to craft secret passageways or easter eggs in their software that can only be accessed by having the right key. Well, since our world is increasingly digitized, we get access to all kinds of information that would be impossible to find just years ago. Android has its fair share of secret codes hidden […]

How to Share Your Location on Facebook Messenger

If you’re on the latest version of Facebook Messenger and frequently use it to organize meetups with your friends (among other things), you should know that the instant messaging client now allows you to share a live location with any contact in your list. If you still have a Messenger update pending on your smartphone […]

Choose Your Ideal Android Look with Android Taste Test

Android is known for its huge collection of customizable home screens, launchers, and icon packs. But deciding on a useful configuration that fits your tastes is no easy task. So why not let Google do the deciding for you? Some time ago, Google introduced a cool service called Android Taste Test that is meant to help […]

Netflix’s Android App Lets You Download Content on SD Card

If you’re a regular Netflix user, you should know that they just introduced an Android-exclusive feature. Not too long ago, Netflix audience was thrilled with the implementation of an offline viewing mode. The feature allows mobile users to download movies and tv shows on their devices and view them later without an internet connection. The problem […]

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

In line with the vulnerabilities found on Android devices and the ever-growing fear of being hacked, WhatsApp joined the ranks of the big companies that are offering two-step verification. This will gives you the ability to secure their accounts with a passcode. As you already know, WhatsApp sends you a confirmation SMS when you set […]

Change Your Android Device Name for BlueTooth and WiFi

On an Android device, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the most used connectivity features for the majority of smartphone users when it comes to transferring files from a device to another. By default, if someone is looking to transfer you a file via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, your device will have a generic name like HTC-4245. But […]

How to Install Kali Linux on Android without Root

Arguably the favorite operating system for white hat hackers, Kali Linux is especially used by security experts and pen testers around the world. The reason why it’s part of every expert’s toolbox is because it allows for advanced testing techniques and security checks while maintaining an accessible interface. Regardless of how you plan on using Kali Linux, we […]

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