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App junkie, Android developer, proud Freelancer. Passionate about app development and blogging, updated with the new stuff. Likes to think that he's versed in app re-skinning, content writing and social media.

How to Fix “Error 25000” in Bluestacks on PC

Bluestacks emulator is arguably the most simple way to run Android apps on your PC. This free emulator has an impressive compatibility rate and is capable of decent frame rates on even the lowest system configurations. There is, however, a fairly common problem reported by users who are trying to install Bluestacks on systems which have […]

How to Run KolibriOS on Android – The Easy Way

Kolibri or KolibriOS is a light weight open source operating system written completely in assembly language. Due to its small size and good performance, it was regarded for many years as a worthy alternative to established operating systems. In fact, it is so small and streamlined that scientists were able to store KolibriOS on a tiny drop […]

Discover Android Hardware and System Info with CPU-Z

If you have a history with overclocking your PC, you’re probably familiarized with software that lets you see useful hardware and system data. You can find out information on your CPU architecture and frequency, temperature, RAM, sensors, resolution and a lot more. Whether you’re just curious to find out what’s your device specs or you’re into more […]

Run Windows 95 on Android – The Easy Way

In the 90s, you needed to have a high-end computer in order to run a demanding operating system like Windows 95. Now, you can run it comfortably on almost any low-end Android device. Now keep in mind that this won’t serve you in any practical way. You will have a limited screen size and will have […]

How to Set Up & Use Google Play Family Library

Similar to Play Music Family Plan, Google Family Library allows you and 5 other family members or friends to access the same collection of purchased content. Similar to Apple’s Family Sharing, Google’s Family Library will let you select a single credit card that you will use to share as a family payment method. However, the other […]

iOS vs Android Malware : Which Mobile Platform is More Secure?

Android or iOS ? This has been the biggest rivalry in tech in the last part of this decade, maybe even bigger than the desktop war between Apple and Microsoft. But choosing between Android and iOS is a decision you will have to make sooner or later. Each side has its own advantages, unique features […]

How to Fix Genymotion “Virtual device got no IP Address” Error

If you have been struggling with Genymotion’s “Unable to Start Device, The Virtual Device got no IP address” you arrived at the right place. Although this problem can have multiple causes, we put together a guide that will almost definitely solve your Genymotion “Unable to start virtual device” error. Follow the guide down below to get Genymotion’s […]

How to Enable (VT) Virtualization Technology on Windows

If you experience hanging or lagging periods while using an Android emulator like Nox App Player, Bluestacks or Genymotion, the most likely cause is VT (Virtualization Technology). Some PCs or laptops have this feature disabled by default. Virtualization technology has the potential to improve the performance of your Android emulator, enabling it to run faster and more smoothly. Of course, VT […]

View Saved WiFi Password On Android (Without Root)

There’s no question that Wi-Fi is one of the most used functions of our Android devices. WiFi networks are either free or secured with a password. Your device is programmed to store all these passwords for future use, but you can’t see them by default. Let’s say you wanted to connect to a certain WiFi from […]

How To View a Saved Wi-Fi Password On Android (Root)

Android phones collect the password for each WiFi network we connect to. We have the option to Remember the Password so that the next time we connect to that WiFi we don’t have to type it again. But even with this setting, we can’t actually see the passwords. The device remembers it for us and automatically […]

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