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9 Android Apps that Earn You Cash and Rewards


That expensive device you’re carrying around in your pocket could potentially make a return investment of your spent money. You just have to be updated on the current store offers.

Both the iOS and Android platforms are packed with apps that claim to help you cash in easy money, but some of them are hoaxes that you better stay away from. That’s especially true in Google Play’s case since Apple’s App store has a more strict set of rules. Although they won’t make it rain money on you, they usually give out points that you can, later on, convert into bills.

All you have to do is give up a few minutes of your precious time and take a look at the list of money making apps. They’re all scam-free, personally verified by us!

Rewardable – Quick Errant Jobs

Available on Android and iOS, Rewardable pays you in exchange for quick jobs, letting you be the errant boy, which usually take around 10 to 20 minutes and pay up to $20. The tasks vary from day to day, starting with comparing prices at local stores, to taking pictures of a large number of billboards.

You can easily cash out by pressing “withdraw” and the money will be instantly transferred to your PayPal account.

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ESPN Streak For The Cash – Make Predictions

If you think you know your sports and your capable of accurate predictions ESPN Streak for the cash can be an exciting app for you. In order to make things harder, you have to guess the correct outcome of 10 consecutive games from various sports to feature on the leaderboard. The longest streak of a player will get an awesome prize. Over $1.2 million worth of prizes is given every year.

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Foap – Start Selling Photos

Foap is a surprisingly effective app that allows you to make money by taking photos. It may also be a challenge for those of you that have some photo skill.

You can charge as much as you want on each photo, just don’t be disappointed if people aren’t lining up to buy your piece of art. Foap is a cross-platform app, available on Android and iOS.

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Shopkick: Rewards and Deals – For Shopaholics

Shopkick requires a bit of patience, but if you love shopping you can quickly round up enough points to earn gift cards that you can redeem. You can profit from Shopkick just by entering a store and scanning different items. If you want more points you can reach for your wallet and make a purchase.

The point of this app is to get you into a store to check out different products, making you more susceptible to buy them. Regardless if you decide to buy or not, you’re still being rewarded four your shopping behavior.

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Field Agent – Nearby Tasks

Field agent makes you do legwork around your neighborhood. You have a lifespan of two hours to complete the given tasks, which may include going to a local landmark or the nearest shopping mall. You have to be fast when accepting tasks too, as the platform offers a first come first served system.

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App Trailers – Earn Watching Videos

Available on Android and iOS, App Trailers allows you to watch trailers about apps, earning money while you’re at it. This also helps game developers, by providing your honest opinion you help them create a better future trailer. Payment consists in half a cent for each video watched. In addition, for trying out a promotional version of the app, you cash in up to a dollar.

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EasyShift – Neighborhood Jobs

Easy Shift is also a neighborhood task-oriented app which pays you for doing simple stuff like checking for faulty prices at stores near you. By completing more and more assignments, higher-paying tasks become available. Payment is being sent within 48 hours via PayPal.

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Iconzoomer – Simple Photography Assignments

Iconzoomer has a creative approach, urging you to do things like taking pictures of the shoes you’re wearing along with a short feedback for the manufacturer to see. That’s all, money straight to into your PayPal account.

Not just shoes, many more assignments are usually available in Iconzoomer. If you’re a kind soul, you can choose to donate the money to charity via Unicef.

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iPoll – Share Your Opinions

If you constantly feel the need to share your opinion, cashing in with iPoll may be a viable option for you. The interesting part is that some missions make you go to the manufacturer location and answer questions on their products.

Most missions pay between 1$ to 3$ along with a $5 sign up bonus. You can click withdraw once you reach $10.

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