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Amazon Will Stop Giving Away Free Android Apps


In 2015, Amazon Underground launched an aggressive campaign that allowed Android users to download paid apps free of charge. Many users found that a good enough reason to choose Amazon Appstore over Google Play.

The bad news is Amazon will be discontinuing its Underground Actually Free program. The good news is you still have a couple of months to make use of it before it’s gone for good.

“Actually Free” is slowly going away

Through an official blog post, Amazon announced that it’s discontinuing the Actually Free program. In that same post, the company vouches to “continue to expand the Amazon Appstore experience”.

From what we gathered, the shutting down of the Actually Free service will take place over several stages. The first step in this direction will happen on May 31st, 2017, when Amazon will stop accepting the new app and game submissions.

The good thing is, users that installed actually free apps prior to that date will still be able to enjoy them as well as have access to the Underground Actually Free store.

The next stage will kick off somewhere in the summer of 2017 when all Android devices that are not Fire tablets will lose access to the Underground Actually Free store. Keep in mind that access for Fire tablet users will not extend beyond the supported devices, so don’t go buying the next model of Fire thinking you’re going to get a lot of freebies.

Amazon will completely cut-off support for the Underground Actually Free program somewhere in 2019. This means that even existing Fire tablets users will be affected.

Will there be a replacement for Actually Free?

Everyone likes a freebie, so the whole Amazon Underground community is wondering if the company will launch something to replace this stellar service. Chances are we are not going to get something similar ever again.

Rumour has it that the cost associated with giving so many freebies away to so many users is what forced Amazon to kill the program before it did too much damage. Time will tell if Amazon will try something similar in the future.

Until then, you’ll be pleased to know that Google has introduced a “Free App of the Week” section. If you got used to getting paid apps for free, it’s the perfect place for you to migrate to.

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