How to Install Xposed Framework on Android

Android has quite a few customizing options, but nothing compares with the modifications that Xposed Framework allows. A custom ROM like CyanogenMod will provide a variety of new Android tweaks, but Xposed Framework is the best solution for customizing your Android device without installing a custom ROM. Instead of installing a complete package with new features […]

How to Install and Run Android Emulator without Eclipse

How to Install Android in VirtualBox

Android is capable of running on a huge variety of devices, including those who have Windows as their primary OS. Although it’s possible to install Android directly on your PC, installing it inside VirtualBox is a far better solution. The advantages of installing Android inside Oracle’s VM VirtualBox are numerous. First of all, you don’t have to […]

How to Install and Run Android Emulator without Eclipse

How to Move Whatsapp Conversations to Other Device

WhatsApp is slowly becoming the most famous communication tool on earth, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Prior to the last major updates, the process of transferring WhatApp conversations and media from one device to another was a hard and confusing process. Now, since its integration with Google Drive, transferring your chat history is as easy […]

How to Backup WhatsApp Conversation History

Does Overcharging Affects your Android Device?

  Android users can be split into two broad categories. There are those who handle their device with great care and consideration, and there are those who simply don’t care about the well-being of their Android buddy. If you’re in the first category, chances are you’re already familiar with the long-standing dispute over the effects […]

How to Prevent Android Device from Overheating

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