Android Surpasses Windows to Become World’s Most Popular OS

It’s the end of an era, and we got a front seat to the whole thing. Merely weeks ago, StatCounter predicted that Android would soon overtake Windows as the most popular system online. Well, now it’s official – Android is now world’s most popular operating system in terms of internet usage. This analysis is based on the […]

12 Most Popular Mobile Operating Systems of All Time

“Turkish Crime Family” Hackers Group Threat to iCloud Accounts

Somewhere in March 2017, a Britain-based hacker group known as the Turkish Crime Family spammed various press outlets with emails claiming to have stolen over 250 million iCloud accounts. The group advised Apple to pay up $75000 in Bitcoin or $100000 worth iTunes gift cards by April 7th. They threatened that should Apple fail to […]

How to Set Up & Use Google Play Family Library

Netflix’s Android App Lets You Download Content on SD Card

If you’re a regular Netflix user, you should know that they just introduced an Android-exclusive feature. Not too long ago, Netflix audience was thrilled with the implementation of an offline viewing mode. The feature allows mobile users to download movies and tv shows on their devices and view them later without an internet connection. The problem […]

Move Android Apps to SD Card with Link2SD (Rooted Device)

How to Install Kali Linux on Android without Root

Arguably the favorite operating system for white hat hackers, Kali Linux is especially used by security experts and pen testers around the world. The reason why it’s part of every expert’s toolbox is because it allows for advanced testing techniques and security checks while maintaining an accessible interface. Regardless of how you plan on using Kali Linux, we […]

How to Run Damn Small Linux on Android

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