How to Block a Phone Number on Samsung Smartphones

Because we rely increasingly more on instant messaging apps, making calls becomes a rarity for more and more smartphone users. However, there are still cases where you get unwanted calls. Pesky strangers, annoying relatives, and telemarketers are just a few examples that can ruin your day. But there’s no reason why you have to endure it. Android […]

How to Block Numbers In Google Duo

How to Run Multiple Instances of Nox App Player on PC

Nox App Player is a performance-oriented Android emulator with great compatibility when it comes to apps and games. Because it’s based on Android 4.4.2 and its X86/AMD compatible, it will run even the latest games at a decent frame-rate on low-to-medium systems. Even though Nox is already an excellent emulator full of native Android features, one […]

Use Multiple Facebook & Whatsapp Accounts on Android

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